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SQLNorthEast Usergroup 2015 dates announced (preliminary) — January 13, 2015

SQLNorthEast Usergroup 2015 dates announced (preliminary)

Mike and I have been extremely busy over the Xmas period and we’ve finally sorted dates for our 2015 instalment of the SQLNorthEast SQL Server UserGroup (@SQLNE) in Newcastle. The great news is that after much negotiation we have managed to get agreement in principal to use the same venue for our events which is fantastic news!

Please see www.sqlne.com for info on our next meeting and registration. Due to sqlpass website restrictions we cannot display all the dates for 2015 but a quick search on Eventbrite will give you the relevant details.

The dates are as follows:

Feb: Tue 10th (with Chris Adkin – double session)
March: Tue 24th (with Erin Stellato from SQLSkills and Peter Shaw)
April: Tue 28th (with Neil Hambly)
June: Tue 2nd (with Steve Powell)
July: Tue 7th (with Annette Allen)
Sept: Tue 8th (TBC)
Nov: Tue 24th (TBC)

As you can see we have already lined up a number of fantastic speakers including a special remote session from the world class sqlskills Principal Consultant Erin Stellato!

2014 was a great year for us and due to the success of our second SQLRelay we’re going to be sending out a survey to find a bit more information about the needs and wants of our delegates to help us set our content for 2015. We have a very mixed bag of experience as well as SQL Server areas so any help or ideas we can get is a great help. If you wish to complete this now then you can find it at SurveyMonkey.

If you have any thoughts or ideas regarding how we can improve then please get in touch via email or twitter and we’ll endeavour to incorporate it.

SQL Server NorthEast – New Usergroup!! — November 19, 2013

SQL Server NorthEast – New Usergroup!!

SQLBits in Nottingham was where it all began. A short conversation on whether there were any plans for a SQL usergroup in Newcastle with Richard Douglas (@SQLRich) and whether there was scope for me to begin setting one up quickly moved onto conversations with Chris Testa-O’Neill (@ctesta_oneill ) and eventually Jonathan Allen (@fatherjack). This became quite a lengthy chat regarding the ins, outs, ups, downs of setting up such a thing.

This was back in May. Four months of venue hunting, speaker negotiations and marketing led to the first ever SQL Usergroup in Newcastle – #sqlnortheast 🙂

The schedule was set up for Gavin Campbell and Neil Hambly to make their merry way up to the north east and give two fantastic sessions. So with venue sorted, speakers sorted, food sorted, attendees sorted, we were all set. Boooooom! Then the bombshell hits, a few days before the UG Neil anounces he can’t make it 😦

With the first SQL UG in the north east hanging in the balance, up steps a very good friend of mine Chris McGowan (@ckwmcgowan), who was willing to make the trip from Manchester at such short notice and save the day! With 18 people regstered, this was about 17 more than I was expecting. With no initial indication as to the level of interest we could generate in the Northeast I was over the moon with the uptake. The integration between the group was phenominal and there was such a broad range of knowledge and skills ranging from hardcore sql internals DBA types to developers to Azure – made for great conversations.

So, September 3rd came along and surprisingly all seemed to be going well. Both speakers turned up on time, food turned up and most importantly 15 people turned up on the evening which was gobsmacking. All in all it turned out to be an extremely good evening / night. Few beers with everyone afterwards on the Quayside led to far too many beers with Chris and Gavin back at the hotel bar – wasn’t a pretty sight the next morning!

What an experience and from the excellent all round feedback received from the attendees, this is something that they hope will continue.

Michael Robson (@heymiky) and myself are currently trying to work out dates for next year and organise speakers. We’ve had a bit of a break from the UG due to taking on a leg of sqlrelay in Newcastle (November 25th) but we do have a “SQL on the Lash” evening session set up for December to end the year on a high.

I’ll be reporting back with the how it all goes with sqlrelay and with any further anouncements on dates for sqlnortheast UG in 2014.

Few pics from the session:

photo (4)

photo (5)

photo (6)