Well after being a bit late in trying to book the beta exams I managed to get three of the five I needed for the MCSE data platform booked, taken and I’m pleased to say passed!

Unfortunately due to the fact I did 461, 462 and 465 means I don’t actually come away with any certification as I need 463 for the MCSA and then the 464 to complete the MCSE.

From what others in the field have said about 463, it’s very SSIS orientated which as it happens works out well for me as the project I’m currently working on is primarily SSIS so when things quieter down a bit I’ll look to get it booked. As for 464, I may very well look to batter that one out around the same time so it’s done n dusted.

I’ve never really been a big fan of Microsoft certification and my mindset hasn’t changed much. The questioning is still vague at times and in my opinion done in such a way that it’s a test of whether you can read a question and do what Microsoft believe is the best way to do things but I still don’t feel the questions always give enough information for you to give the best solution. In the real world there are a hell of a lot more questions I’d be asking in some of the scenarios before I could make a correct decision.

Anyway, enough whinging. Time to do some proper work 🙂